October update

I wonder what it would take for me to update this on a more regular basis?  I love the idea of updating this on a regular basis but my follow-through is lacking!

Let’s see…..

Grace is getting quite the attitude for such a little person!  She gets very frustrated if you take her away from something.  She flings her little back back and pretends to cry!  She LOVES people and loves to flirt!  She HATES loud sudden noises such as the waiters at a restaurant singing the birthday song, crowds cheering to football games, etc…  She breaks out into the saddest cry you have ever seen!  She can get around very well and will probably be walking soon!  She always has a smile on her face!  And she especially LOVES to swing.  She just smiles and laughs the entire time she is in a swing.

Hank is growing up himself!  We moved him into a big boy bed this weekend and he absolutely loves it.  He loves to get into bed at anytime of day and play or read.  He looks so tiny in it at night when he is sleeping.  He LOVES music and LOVES to sing.  Lately he has loved playing with puzzles and he still loves books.  He still loves trucks and tractors and excavators and you name it!   He is going to do very well on the truck portion of the SATs….

Funny things he has said in the past month or so…

Dada, the deer got a boboo!  (After seeing a picture of the deer that Tater shot)

That’s mines

You want to play us?

That Tastes!  (He says this when he tastes anything that is really good!)


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