August 2010

“I don’t like it” is the new “no”.  Hank says this all the time.  We clearly know what he doesn’t like!  The funny thing is he started out saying “I like it” when he meant “I don’t like it”.  So last week, as he would repeat, I like it, I like it while crying, I would calmly tell him that he meant he doesn’t like it.  Well we got that squared away and he says “I don’t like it” correctly now!  The first few days, I had to turn away as to not laugh.  The way he says it, has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever heard.

He is turning 2 in 2weeks!  I can’t believe it….however, I definitely can tell he is getting into his 2’s.  He pushes the limit on everything to see what he can get away with.  Also, this past month he has started putting a lot of words together and saying sentences.  It is awesome.  I love to hear him talk and see what is going to come out of his mouth next.  For instance, a few weeks ago he started telling me that Grace was too little to do anything.  I would ask him if Grace could play with his toys.  He would reply, “she’s too little”.  I would ask if Grace could sit on my lap.  He would reply, “no, she’s too little”.

In the past month, Hank has really started to interact with Grace.  He brings her toys, gives her hugs and kisses, puts her paci in her mouth for her, makes her laugh.  6 months has really been a turning point after Grace was born.  This past month has been so much fun.

Grace is doing amazing.  She has 5 teeth!  In the past couple of weeks, she has really started “talking”.  She just talks and talks and sometimes she sounds very angry!  However, if I look at her, she just shoots back with her great smile.  She sits very well and officially started crawling this week.  It’s an army crawl but she can get to where she wants to be.  She is always smiling.  I absolutely love when she grabs the side of my face and pulls me in for a very slobbery kiss.

Gracie loves “solid” food!  She really can’t get enough.  She eats 3 times a day and thinks bottles are for babies.  She drinks her bottles great in the morning and by the end of the day, she doesn’t want anything to do with it.  I have to figure out ways to get her all the formula she needs!!

Grace’s hair is long enough to put one pony tail on the top of her head.

Hank is still her hero….however, her aunt Jackie came to visit a couple of weekends ago and I think Grace found her new best friend.  She couldn’t get enough of Jackie!!


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