Odds & Ends

  • Hank can make Grace laugh like no one else.  I’m not kidding, Grace is uncontrollably laughing if he turns to her and smile.  She absolutely thinks he is the coolest person in our house.
  • Grace is all smiles.  She literally is the best baby in the world!
  • Hank LOVES LOVES LOVES trucks, cars, buses, etc.  We spend every car ride pointing out every bus, truck,tractor, motorcycle and any other motor vehicle.  THis past week, when he sees a really big truck he yells out “AWESOME” and chuckles to himself.
  • We booked the TumbleBus for Hank’s birthday and I can’t wait for him to see a REAL Bus roll up to our house!
  • I love how whenever he says love you to Nick, he says “Love you Daba”.  Any other time, he says Dada.
  • Grace is the biggest flirt….she will smile and bat her eyelashes at anyone that looks at her!
  • If you are looking for good swim lessons in Northwest Houston, go to FINS!  They are awesome!!  Hank is becoming quite the little swimmer!!
  • We are going to the Circus this weekend and I can’t wait.  We had such a great time last year!!!

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