Grace Campbell is here!

Grace Campbell arrived on January 12, 2010 at 5:13pm.  She weighed 6lbs 14ounces and was 19.5 inches long.  She is beautiful!

Here’s the story!

First, I thought for sure that she would be here around 38 weeks because Hank arrived 2 weeks early.  Not so much….she was very content where she was at!!  At our 39 week appointment, my doctor and I decided to induce me on the 12th of January.  This was such a relief to me because we had Tater’s Mom flying into town to watch Hank and if I had a fast delivery, I would be able to get the antibiotics for the Group B Strep beforehand.  Group B strep is a very common bacteria that a lot of women have (and don’t know it because it doesn’t cause any effects).  If a newborn gets it during delivery, it can be devastating!  My delivery with Hank took about 8 hours and apparently your second deliveries are supposed to be half as fast!

We arrived at the hospital on Tuesday at 6:30am and got situated in our room around 7:30am.  The same nurse that helped deliver Hank checked us in and got us all set up for the day!!  I can’t say enough about the staff/nurses/doctors at Woodlands Memorial.  Every single person was amazing!  I got set up with an IV early and they started me on a very low dose of Pitocin.  They wanted to make sure I got all the antibiotics before they actually started being aggressive with the Pitocin.  Around 1:30-2ish, my doctor came in and broke my water and told the nurses to give me more pitocin.  I had got my epidural around 12:30, so I was very comfortable!

Around 4pm, I was dilated to 7cm!!!  The nurse said, we are going to start moving stuff in here to get ready for the delivery.  She said that it was going to happen very soon!!  Right before 5pm, they checked me again and the nurse said we need to get the doctor here right away!  At 5:13pm, Grace arrived.  Everything happened very fast!

Grace turned 1 week old yesterday and everyday gets a little bit easier.  Hank had a hard first week adjusting to our new addition but he is a proud big brother!  He helps us get diapers, throws old diapers away and runs over to Grace whenever she crys.

On a completely different note, Hank is getting so big!  He can actually say quite a few words and trys to mimic everything we say.  He is especially good at saying ”  “Mo” (More) and “Peas” (Please).  If he isn’t sure what something but really wants it, he looks at us and says “Mo, Mo, Peas, Mo, Peas, Mo, Mo, Mo, Peas!”  until we figure out what he wants.  He is the sweetest little guy ever!  I love my kids!


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  1. Maureen

    Congrats to all the Taters! Grace is darling, love her name. Isn’t it weird saying ‘kidS’ at first???

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