Christmas Traditions….

We didn’t really have a lot of Christmas traditions growing up but I really want to start some traditions for our kids!  Currently, I am struggling with Santa gifts.  Does Santa bring the BIG gift or does he bring small gifts?  Are Santa gifts ready to go on Christmas morning….. completely put together under the tree with a big bow?  For some reason I feel that I need to have these questions answered before this Christmas!  So let me know what are some traditions in your family?  And if you have any insights into my questions above, please let me know!!



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4 responses to “Christmas Traditions….

  1. When I was a kid, “Santa” brought the big gifts- a bicycle, a fishing pole, etc. “Santa” also brought surprise, wrapped gifts but by a certain age it became more than just a coincidence when my mom and “Santa” used the same wrapping paper and had the same handwriting. I didn’t grow up having a stocking, but I think that’s also “Santa” gifts. “Santa” could put some favorite snacks, socks, or other little treasures in it.

  2. Santa definitely always brought the big gifts until I realized that it was actually my parents. Then the Santa tradition somewhat stopped. Stockings were from Santa as well. And then smaller gifts from my parents.

    Our only ‘odd’ tradition is lotto tickets. My Paw Paw started it when he was still with us and we still carry out the tradition. Every year everyone gets a few scratch offs and we go to town at the same time…

  3. Becky

    Hey Allison, this is Becky, V’s little sister…Anyway, as a kid, Santa left the big gifts and stocking stuffers, and he still does. As for traditions, we didn’t really have any growing up, but now with Brady’s (my husband) family we do. His mom buys us all similar ornaments to go on the tree; the first year we all had snowflakes, then we made our own, and last year she bought snowman families to represent us all. Brady and I kind of do the same, where we buy each other an ornament that represents our year…last year, I bought a cherub with a baby blue blanket to represent Nolan’s birth…something meaningful. Good luck making your own traditions, and feel free to steal ours!

  4. Lori

    The tradition that I have with my kids is that Santa brings one gift and its usually unwrapped and waiting for them when the wake up Christmas morning. My thought process was that even in the leanest of times… Santa should always be able to bring one exciting gift even if mom was struggling a bit and couldn’t do as much in some years than others.

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