More expensive than our dining room table…

well not really, but Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chair is an expensive piece of furniture!  Regardless, I love the chair and bought Hank one for his FIRST birthday coming up in September!  My baby is growing up! 


Anyways, we got the chair set up and we were in the other room playing when all of us went into our bedroom for something.  We walked into our room and saw this: 


and THIS:


and I think both Tater and I stopped for a minute to figure out who was taking Lefty back to the pound!  As quick as we saw this mess, we looked into the living room to see if our new chair was intact and it was!!!  Lefty just chewed up her bed which was completely fine at this point!  I love my little black dog, so I’m glad she didn’t have to pack her bags and move out! 

Here’s some cute pictures of Hank and his chair.  Which has become more of a jungle gym than a chair!



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