Swimming Lessons

First, I completely realize that I didn’t post once last week…..  WOW, I am off to a stellar start!  I am going to count this as a post for last week, so hopefully I can catch up this week! 

Today Hank starts his swim lessons and I am nervous!  I decided to put him in the ISR lessons and they are very intensive.  We go every day for 4-6 weeks.  Each lesson is 10 minutes or less.  These lessons are survival lessons and teach him to roll over and float if he should fall into a body of water.  Although we will be with him EVERYTIME he is near water, we are near water all the time.  Also, I think this will give him a head start on swimming and I’m hoping that he will learn to love swimming early! 

Last week, I went and watched about 5 lessons.  If you ever decide to do this program, I would highly recommend that you go and watch a few lessons.  The instructor was great but some of the kids cried at their lessons.  However, I watched a couple 2 1/2 year olds that were able to hold their breath and swim underwater to the side of the pool.  It wasn’t a far distance but it was amazing to see these kids in action.  I talked with a lot of parents and all of them said their kids were more confident in the water and gained respect for the water. 

I will let you know what our experience is with these lessons.


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