Crazy July Promotion

I’ve decided to follow Meg’s lead and post twice a week in July.  Crazy, I know!! 

I’ve had so much to talk about but I need to figure out a better way to organize my pictures at home.  Everytime I sit down to write, I want to include pictures and then the simple tasks turns into a big pain! Anyways, a few things on my list to talk about:

1.  Hank’s 4th of July Parade today at his school!

2.  Swim Lessons

3.  I’ve decided to make a quilt

4.  Hank’s about to start walking!

oh  and we have a SECOND BABY on the way!  I figure I should start writing now and get in the habit before Baby 2 gets here and I have a 16month old and a newborn!  So anyways….if you are still following me, this month I’m coming back!



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5 responses to “Crazy July Promotion

  1. Lori

    this just brought happy tears!!!! YAY for number 2!!! love you sisterfriend!!

  2. Mel

    congrats! i’m very happy for ya’ll!

  3. addiebaby

    I’m going to hound you about posting. Deal?

  4. addiebaby

    BTW, you still have one more post to write this week.

  5. Maureen

    wowza! did not expect that news, congrats to you all!

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