Bright and early this morning, we had to take Hank to the hospital to get tubes put in his ears



The ENT has seen fluid behind his eardrums and recommended that we get tubes. Our main reason to get this done was so he doesn’t have speech delays later on because of this fluid buildup.

This morning went so much better than I expected. We weren’t able to feed Hank after midnight last night and the surgery was scheduled for 7am. So at 11:30pm, I woke him up to give him a bottle to hopefully keep him happy in the morning when he woke up.
This morning came and he woke up very happy. We had no issues with him before the procedure. The procedure took no more than 15 minutes and we were back in recovery. Hank was inconsolable after the surgery and they assured us that this is what happens to baby’s after ansthesia. We finally got him calmed down and we were back home by 8:30am. He has slept most of the day and is getting back to his usual self!



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2 responses to “Tubes

  1. Amber Leeper

    I love that picture of him sitting next to Nick! What a cute little boy! I hope I get to meet him soon!!!

  2. Maureen

    Poor baby boy! Glad it went better than expected and baby Hank is back home.

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