Playing Hookey!

Last Wednesday, Hank’s daycare told us that they were nervous about his cough because another baby had gotten RSV earlier that week and they weren’t sure if he caught it. His doctor didn’t do an RSV check but assumed that he had it and we have been treating it accordingly. We kept Hank out of daycare on Thursday and Friday and Nick and I switched off between work and playing with Hank. Hank had (and still has) a bad cough but never had a fever, was never lethargic, was not very tired and was generally a very happy baby all weekend long. I think he was playing hookey so he could stay home and show us all his new tricks. This weekend, Hank rolled from his back to his stomach, starting talking (okay….babbling) ALL DAY LONG and cut two bottom teeth!!

Here is Hank and his Dad speaking about politics.  (As you can tell, Nick and I are still learning to use the video camera!)



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2 responses to “Playing Hookey!

  1. Love you baby hankster the gangster:)

  2. Mel

    He’s so talkative! So cute

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