Here we go…

Tomorrow is little Hank’s first airplane ride and I’m nervous!!  We are going to Spokane and Seattle to visit family and friends.  I have everything packed and I’m ready to go…’s our schedule for tomorrow:

6:30am – Drive to airport

9:00am – Board flight to Seattle (4 hour 55 minute flight….eek!)

11:45am (Pacific time) – Hopefully land on time and run down get our bags then go back up to the Southwest ticketing counter to check our bags for our flight to Spokane, board our flight to Spokane. Why, you ask?  Well because, Continental and Southwest don’t work together and they won’t transfer my bags for me!  Here’s the kicker, we need to do all this by 1:20pm.  Wish me luck!


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  1. sweetmelissak

    I can’t believe they won’t transfer your bags! What a crock! Like you don’t have enough to handle with a little baby and your carry on items!

    Have a great trip! I hope ya’ll have a wonderful time 🙂 We want lots of pictures when you return!

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