Planes, Trains and Automobiles

December is starting to look a little crazy for our family.  After talking with a good friend, Brianne, I decided to go home the first weekend in December.  So the little Hankster and I will be flying across the country to Washington.  I’m a little nervous about the 4hour and 55 minute flight with an infant but I have been assured by friends that he will be fine!  So to all my Seattle/Spokane peeps, Hank is coming to meet you!  

And because Nick and I want to live dangerously, we are going to drive (did you hear me DRIVE) to Wyoming to visit his family a week after I get back from Seattle.  Nothing says roadtrip like a 3month old!!  Wish me luck, we are going to need it!  

A day in the life of Hank is still coming, maybe I will do that next week!!!  Get excited…’s a sneak preview:

Sleep, Eat, Poop, Stare at Mom, Sleep, Eat, Stare at Dad, Sleep, Eat, Poop,?  

That’s all you get… will have to stay tuned for the remainder of his day!



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4 responses to “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. I’m thinking there’s got to be a place for “Pass Gas” in the schedule…

  2. Maureen

    and where’s the crying in that schedule???? If there is a Seattle viewing of Hank, I’d love to meet him and see you!

  3. amuhlbauer

    Maureen, I’m meeting some friends at Old Spaghetti Factory on Monday December 8th if you want to meet us!!

  4. Maureen

    Allison, just saw this. I have a commitment that night but will try to make it, what time?

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