Trick or Treat

This year, we went over to our friends Carla and Greg’s house to trick or treat with their boys and the neighbor kids.  

 img_09601Meet our little robot friends Carson and Raleigh (their twin boys).  Carla made these adorable costumes because the boys really wanted to be robots this year.  It was so much fun to walk around the neighborhood and watch these kids in action.  Carson would lag behind the other kids and then yell right before they got to the door, “Wait for me!”.  Then all the kids would run back to us and show us all the candy they got.  So simple.




Here’s some of the neighbor kids costume’s:

Little Rose:

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep

Little Lucy:

and her little sheep

and her little sheep

I don’t have any pictures of the two oldest kids but they were power rangers.  And, let’s not forget our little turkey.  We put him in his costume and he fell right to sleep.  We have contemplated putting him in it every night because he slept so well in it.    



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  1. That Carla is crafty! Those are GREAT costumes!

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