He’s official!

We ordered our birth announcements and I think they turned out fabulously! 

The picture was taken by Kim at Little Blessing Photos.  If you need some pictures taken, I would highly recommend her.  We are going to go broke getting pictures done of our son by her.  You can see all the pictures taken here.  The username is Hank and the password is 17245.  Isn’t our little guy so cute? 

Our annoucements were designed by Barbara Neely.  She did an excellent job!  She has a shop on Etsy and her prices are very reasonable.  Check her out!! 

Baby Hank is already 5 weeks old.  Last week, I planned on writing up some stuff about our first month but our days go by so quickly.  There is not enough time in the day to get everything done and I am spending most of my time with the little man. 

But here are some quick highlights from our first month together:

  • Grandma Jan (our favorite nurse at the hospital) showing us how to wrap baby Hank like a burrito to get him to calm down.  Nick and I had been up for almost 24 hours at the end of night one and Hank just started screaming.  We could not get him to calm down and we were so tired.  Jan came in and took Hank and calmed him down and rocked him for 1 hour while she talked with us.  This really helped us relax and realized that we could do this! 
  • 12 days with out power due to Hurricane Ike…..this was difficult but we had great friends that took us in during this time.  And, Baby Hank was amazing during this time. 
  • Both our Moms were able to visit and help us around the house.  It was great to have them both around and they helped out tremendously. 
  • Watching our little man go through a range of emotions while he sleeps.  He makes the best faces while he is sleeping. 
  • So far, he lacks patiences much like his parents!  He usually wakes up screaming because he is SO hungry.  Once he eats he is in a much better mood. 
  • He has peed on EVERYTHING including his eyes!  It took us a couple of days but we figured out that huggies are bigger than pampers and regardless of how tight you make them……he will pee through them.  We have also learned to cover him while wiping his bottom as he will pee all over the place!  

Baby Hank just woke up so I will need to add more to this later!!



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2 responses to “He’s official!

  1. Heather

    The pictures are beautiful! Sweet little man!

  2. addiebaby

    I was finally able to view the photos. I love them! I’m so glad you had the foresight to capture that stage of his life so beautifully. It goes by so fast.

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