He’s growing up so fast….

Last night, I woke up to check on my little man (before he woke up to eat) and he was laying on his stomach right next to the side of his playpen.  Bewildered, I asked Tater if he had laid our son on his stomach to sleep but he had not.  Hank sleeps on an inclined sleep positioner.  Much like the one below….

Do you see how the baby is positioned in between those side things?  I assumed that those side things were supposed to hold your baby in place so they couldn’t flip on their stomach.  Well apparently Hank didn’t want to sleep on his back last night and flipped over one of the side things and slept on his stomach.  Either that or he also decided to take his first steps last night and got up and walked around the side thing and fell asleep on his stomach.   Later today we are going to teach him to ride a bike!


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One response to “He’s growing up so fast….

  1. Heather

    I *knew* I saw him do a back flip when I came over to visit!

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