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I’m really not this boring, I just can’t stay up long enough to do anything fun!  I started this blog thinking that I could tell you of all my cool travels, funny stories, late nights, etc..  But I forgot that my social life has slowed down since I’ve gotten pregnant.  My weekends are usually spent at our friends pool trying to stay cool and watching my husband and friends enjoy frosty beverages….lots of frosty beverages.  Then the night rolls around and I want to stay in while everyone else wants to go out.  

During the week, my goal is stay up long enough to catch Chelsea Lately…..and I usually don’t make it.  I’m loads of fun right now!  All my friends that have gotten pregnant told me of the exhaustion and I didn’t believe them……well now I’m a believer!!

But in a few short weeks, we will be parents and I’m sure we will have some stories for you!!  If not, I will just post LOTS of pictures of my son! 

In the meantime, what children’s books/music cds do you recommend?  I’m trying to build up baby Tater’s collection!



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  1. Lindsay Kershner

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so tired lately….I know as soon as tater pops out you’ll be up and running around again and sharing in the frosty beverages :). Hmmm…..childrens books and music, I’ll have a chat with my Mom and give you some ideas soon. I hope the weather cools off down there soon, we could use a little of the heat up here, mid 70’s is still a little too cold for the lake. Take care, oh and I’d love to see another belly picture!

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