Keeping me accountable.

I went ahead and signed up for the following race:

I figure if this lady can run a marathon after giving birth to sextuplets than I can run one after my ONE baby is born!  As of now, my goal is to finish in a time close to my PR time (4:00).  However, this goal may change as I start training (apparently, babies can change your schedule).

Katie, are you in??  C’mon you know you want to do it!!



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3 responses to “Keeping me accountable.

  1. Katie

    Okay, if you are doing it after having a baby, I really have no good excuse! I am 90% in- I am still leaving myself an out in case of injury. I really want to do it though, especially to hang out with you in San Diego! I am going to download a marathon training plan right now……

  2. Heather

    You make me tired. HA!

  3. June

    ah, san diego. you make me think…

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