Sympathy Weight

I haven’t even introduced you to my two dogs! 

Shatto is the big orange dog.  She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  Lefty is the little black dog.  She is crazy and I let her get away with everything!! 

Last week, I had to take Lefty to the vet to update her vaccinations.  They always get weighed and Lefty always weighs between 40-44 pounds.  Well apparently she wanted to repay me for all the times I have let her get away with whatever.  At the last appointment, she weighed 47.5pounds!!  I chalk up her 3.5lb weight gain to sympathy weight.  While everyone else in my household is losing weight…..Lefty did not want me gain this baby weight on my own.  I knew we had a special connection! 

Shatto on the other hand has to keep up her girlish figure.  She is not very happy that we have to walk rather than run for 9 months!


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