I have to give up gymnastics???

I just got this email from www.babycenter.com letting me know what activities I have to give up during my pregnancy.  Really, I can’t do gymnastics anymore? 

Amusement park rides: Waterslides and other rides at amusement parks are a no-no, since a forceful landing or sudden start or stop could harm your baby.

Bicycling: Cycling isn’t a good idea for newbies, but experienced riders may be able to continue until their second trimester, when a shifting center of gravity affects balance and can make cycling dangerous.

Contact sports: Soccer, basketball, and hockey put you at a high risk of injury from a ball or puck, a collision with another player, or a fall during play.

Downhill skiing: ACOG advises against downhill skiing anytime during pregnancy because of the risk of serious injuries and hard falls. If you choose to ski, stick to gentle slopes and be aware that you may have problems with balance as your belly expands. A safer choice is cross-country skiing, which is also much better for building cardiovascular fitness. Avoid skiing at altitudes above 6,000 feet, where there’s less oxygen for you and your baby.

Gymnastics: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.

Horseback riding: Even if you’re a good rider, it’s not worth risking a fall.

Post-sport tubs and saunas: Soaking in hot tubs and Jacuzzis or sitting in a sauna can be dangerous to your developing baby because overheating has been linked to birth defects.

Running: If you weren’t a runner before you got pregnant, now’s not the time to take it up. Otherwise, it’s fine in moderation. From your second trimester on, when the risk of falling increases, you should run with caution. As with all forms of exercise, avoid becoming overheated, and drink plenty of water to replace fluids lost through sweating.

Scuba diving: This is an absolute no. As you surface, air bubbles can form in your bloodstream, which can be very dangerous for both you and your growing baby.

Snowboarding: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.

Surfing: Same risk of falling and increased chance of trauma to your abdomen.

Tennis: A moderately paced game of tennis is okay if you played before you became pregnant. But you may have problems with balance and sudden stops, so watch your step. Most women find that it’s hard to keep up their game as their bellies get bigger in the second and third trimesters.

Waterskiing: Another activity that puts you at risk for falling and increases the chance of trauma to your abdomen.




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4 responses to “I have to give up gymnastics???

  1. addiebaby

    Does this mean we have to cancel this weekend’s rugby game?

  2. Heather

    Now we have to cancel our Galveston surfing trip. Dang the luck!

  3. June

    the part about the running reminds me of Charlotte in SATC movie!!!

  4. Christy

    Darn, I guess all you can do now is sit around and read books. 🙂

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